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I am a 40 year old Blogger with a passion in movies, music,books, Quizzing and politics. A techie by profession, and a writer at heart. Seeking to write my own book one day.

Drools- Rule Engine

One of the many features of AI, is Expert Systems, which uses Knowledge representation to codify knowledge into a knowledge base, that can be used for reasoning. Simply put, we can process data with this knowledge base to deduce the … Continue reading

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Apache Kafka- Messaging

We had a brief introduction to Apache Kafka in the previous post,  now we shall be looking at how Apache Kafka’s stream based model, fits in with a typical messaging system. What is a messaging system? The messaging system basically … Continue reading

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Apache Kafka- Introduction

What is Apache Kafka? Kafka is basically an open source distributed streaming platform, which makes data integration between systems, much simpler. Stream here is the pipeline where applications continously receive data.  Kafka as a streaming platform has two main features. … Continue reading

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Web Application Security

One of the biggest challenges in the web is security. Now when we speak of security it is something every one recognizes the need for, but really have not much idea on how to go about it. The standard perception … Continue reading

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Java Garbage Collectors

We had earlier explored Garbage Collection and it’s basic concepts in our previous post. One thing we need to understand straight up, is that JVM does not have one single type of garbage collector. It has four different ones, each … Continue reading

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Garbage Collection in Java

Garbage Collection is basically the process of allocation and de allocation of memory space for objects. In the case of Java, it is handled by the JVM itself, and the developer need not worry about writing the code for it, … Continue reading

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Load Balancing Schemes

The concept of Load Balancing is that tasks or requests are distributed on to multiple computers. For eg, I make a standard HTTP request from a client to access a web application, it gets directed to multiple web servers. What … Continue reading

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