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Java Garbage Collectors

We had earlier explored Garbage Collection and it’s basic concepts in our previous post. One thing we need to understand straight up, is that JVM does not have one single type of garbage collector. It has four different ones, each … Continue reading

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Garbage Collection in Java

Garbage Collection is basically the process of allocation and de allocation of memory space for objects. In the case of Java, it is handled by the JVM itself, and the developer need not worry about writing the code for it, … Continue reading

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Load Balancing Schemes

The concept of Load Balancing is that tasks or requests are distributed on to multiple computers. For eg, I make a standard HTTP request from a client to access a web application, it gets directed to multiple web servers. What … Continue reading

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Tech It Easy

Having been a Tech Professional since the last 17 years, primarily in Java, J2EE. I have decided to start this blog to share my insights into Tech. While focus would be primarily on Java and Java Enterprise. I would also … Continue reading

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